Both large and small business and facility owners may be interested in understanding where they stand in terms of access compliance, or how making minor access corrections may enhance their ability to serve more customers. Kevin is able to provide services to small facility owners on his own, and through his association with an architecture firm specializing in access compliance services, can assemble a team of access specialists for larger organizations.

Plan and Construction Review


It is often beneficial for facility owners to have reviews of plans, specifications and interim construction milestones by an access specialist, acting as another set of eyes on behalf of the owner.  Given that it is much less costly to make changes on construction documents than to correct a possible error in the field once something has been built, Kevin's plan and construction reviews offer an added level of assurance for access compliance in the finished facility.

Surveys of Existing Facilities


A good percentage of Kevin's work is performing physical access surveys and inspections of existing facilities to determine compliance or non-compliance with the myriad of access requirements.  Reports are prepared for facility owners to help them understand their areas of compliance and potential areas of liability, offering possible solutions to non-compliant items.

As part of a network of consultants for an architecture firm with clients nationwide, he also has access to a sophisticated database covering ADA and State access code requirements for all 50 states and a variety of facility types, providing larger facility owners with a comprehensive surveying and reporting tool that would not otherwise be available.

General Consulting


As a Certified Access Specialist, Kevin brings to his clients an enhanced understanding of specific physical access requirements, offering facility owners additional expertise in assessing access deficiencies and suggesting solutions. As a project manager and business owner, he also recognizes the value of common-sense approaches to facility analysis, resulting in practical suggestions for renovation and risk management, including the development of potentially less costly programmatic solutions to physical problems.

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Note: Although Kevin is an experienced professional in the field of access compliance, he is not an attorney. Information and/or links on this website are not intended as, and should not be construed as, legal advice of any kind.

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